What to do if the phone falls in the water

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What to do if the phone falls in the water?

Nowadays, no work can be thought of without a phone. Most of the time except the sleeping time is spent on the phone. And if the thing that one is busy with all day becomes immobile after water, then it is not possible to do much work. Many people then resort to methods to dry it out, which is likely to damage the phone.

What to do to save a wet phone, know-

Switch off the wet phone. Do not try to turn on the phone when it is wet. Attempting to do so may damage the water circuit.

Remove items such as headphones or chargers from the phone. Clean the outside of the phone with a cloth. If you have a vacuum cleaner, try to keep your distance.

Open the back cover of the phone. Also, take out the battery and SIM card. Wipe the inside of the phone with a cloth. Check the battery sticker. Most phones have a small sticker under the battery, usually white. When water gets inside the phone, the color of the sticker changes. It then turns pink or red.

Never use a hair dryer on the phone. Hot air can damage the phone. Keep the phone in front of the AC.

Put the phone in dry raw rice. As a result, the water inside the phone dries up. Fill a bowl with raw rice and put the phone in it. Then keep the bowl with the phone in the sun. If the rice is hot, the water inside the phone will dry up. Again, the phone will not deteriorate if it is not directly exposed to sunlight. But keep in mind that rice grains do not enter the audio part of the phone.

Do not turn on or use the phone 24 hours before.

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