Alien corpses in Mexico

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Alien corpses in Mexico

Mexico often makes international news headlines for other reasons. Alien vehicles are sometimes seen in the sky here. There are many rumors about him. The study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) has a long history in the world. Scientists have come across UFOs and related rumors in various parts of the world at various times.

But a recent live broadcast of a session of Mexico's Congress caused an uproar. Various Mexican media claimed that the "corpses of rapists" were shown there. A total of two animal bodies was shown to the Mexican Congress. They have three fingers on each hand. These bodies have been preserved. Different trials are happening to them in various research centers.

Mexican UFO expert and journalist Jamie Mason said the DNA was sent to the National Autonomous University of Mexico for testing. From that point, some fascinating, and it was found to astonish data. According to Jamie, DNA tests have revealed that these bodies are at least 1,000 years old. They were recuperated from the city of Cusco, Peru. Researchers can't coordinate their DNA tests with any creature on the planet.

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According to Jamie Masson, the DNA test report claims that at least 30 percent of the body structure of these animals is unknown to scientists. No animal in the world has that pattern on its body. Indeed, even researchers have said that no current creature has developed from the level of these creatures. That is, the likelihood that such creatures once existed on the planet, presently terminated, is likewise thin.

An X-ray of the bodies found an 'egg'-like object inside one body. Those eggs and bones are made of very rare material. It also includes osmium. Multiple information indicates that the two preserved "corpses" shown in Mexico's Congress may be about aliens. Since, there is no evidence of their reality anyplace on the planet.

Several videos were being shown in Congress about the events that have so far remained unexplained in Mexico. The dead bodies of these two animals were brought out in between. Be that as it may, a few researchers are hesitant to give a lot of significance to UFO master Mosan's case. But such claims, including evidence from the live broadcast of Mexico's legislative session, cast doubt on the world.

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