Text post feature came with TikTok

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Text post feature came with TikTok

TikTok, the popular platform for short videos, recently launched a text-based post feature. This is a new format to express yourself on TikTok. With the new feature, TikTok is expanding the scope of content creation. This is a new way for the platform's community to share stories, poems, recipes or any other written content.

The text-based post feature adds another dimension here as an option. Where creators can share their writing effortlessly. Viewers are also easily encouraged by it.

Experience continuous exposure

The easiest way to create and share text-based content is here. On the camera page, clients have three choices: photograph, video, and text. After selecting the text option, the text creation page will appear. Creators can write their thoughts or ideas in this user-friendly interface.

Customization for effective posts

Users will find familiar customization options on the post page. That makes text posts dynamic and engaging, just like video or photo posts. All options like adding sound, location tagging, commenting and duet are available here.

Characteristics of creativity expansion

Text posts are designed to enhance text-based content and engage viewers more. Where there are many features. Some of its features are:


It has different expressive stickers. Which creates a distinct connection by complementing the content and highlighting the personality.

Tags and hashtags

Creators can connect with others by tagging accounts. They can also participate in relevant conversations using trending hashtags.

Background color

Personalization is a key issue here. Users can choose the background color to match their style. This will also help make their text posts pop.

Add sound

Music is at the heart of TikTok. And now, music can be attached to text posts too. Which enhances the reading experience with a soundtrack?

Draft and discard

Part of creativity is experimentation. In that context, creators have the option to save drafts and revisit unpublished posts here. As a result, they can refine their work at any time.

TikTok is working to boost creativity and encourage all different users on such a platform. One place to express yourself through written expression is TikTok. The platform has created a new way to tell stories, talk about art and stay connected.

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