Foods to avoid during fasting

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Foods to avoid during fasting

This year, the holy month of Ramadan has started in summer in the country. Therefore, firstly, you should pay attention to food. Because the food you eat during Sahri and Iftar will affect your body. Eating healthy and nutritious food will certainly give you benefits, but eating unhealthy food will also lead to various problems.

Besides, a lot of energy is needed to overcome the tiredness of the day. But fasting Muslims get tired of fasting all day without eating healthily. Let's know the foods to avoid during Ramadan fasting in this hot summer for good health:

Avoid caffeinated drinks: Avoid caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee as much as possible. Because these drinks will increase your thirst and body temperature.

Dairy foods: Dairy foods like cheese, ice cream and milk should be avoided as much as possible during this period. Because such food is difficult to digest in hot weather. If you want to eat dairy food at this time, you can choose light food like yogurt. Eating curd also helps in better digestion.

Processed foods: Most sauces and processed foods are high in salt, preservatives and artificial flavors such as monosodium glutamate. If you eat these regularly, your body temperature will increase. It can cause harm to health.

Heavy and fatty food: Avoid heavy and fatty food such as fried food, pizza, burger etc. during this time. Because eating such food can cause you discomfort in hot weather. Instead, choose light and fresh foods such as salads, fruits and vegetables.

Drinks: Most people start their day with coffee or tea. Although this practice brings you relief, regular consumption of coffee and tea during hot season raises the body temperature and can cause dehydration. At this time, you can have green tea or iced coffee.

The temperature will climb further before very long. So, it is important to change the diet. Fruits and vegetables cool the body. So, eat healthy food to keep yourself healthy during this intense heat and fasting.

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Avoid salty foods: Do not eat foods with excess salt. Because eating such food causes dehydration in the body. You will want to drink water again and again.

Alcohol: Avoid any type of drug. Because these foods are completely forbidden in Islam. Avoid smoking as well. Also, those who already have heartburn or heartburn problems can increase the dose of gas medicine on doctor's advice. But do not self-administer any medicine.

Extra spicy food: Extra spicy food can increase the body temperature. That is why you may feel hotter this summer. If you like to eat spicy food, eat it sparingly. Minimize the amount of fried food at Iftar as much as possible. Instead, add a variety of salads to the list. Do not eat favorite spicy food in the winter!

Grilled Meat: Grilled meat is cooked at high temperature. Where the weather outside is warm, such food can be harmful to health. It will raise the body temperature. It even increases the risk of cancer.

Don't drink too much water: You may be surprised to know that drinking too much water during Sehri can lead to digestive problems. But it depends a lot on how much you are used to taking.

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