Typing speed improvement

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Typing speed improvement

Typing speed improvement

Are you a computer user, but still can't type without looking at the keyboard? Overcome such inefficiencies with fast typing techniques. Today I will share some tips for the reader, through which you can type faster. 

Here are the details :

There are certain rules for typing on a computer. Fast typing is possible if you follow that rule. In short, if asked to reveal the 'secret' of fast typing, remember that there really is no such shortcut. However, there are ways in which typing skills can be improved through regular practice. The technique of typing by looking at the monitor without looking at the keyboard using 10 fingers is called touch typing. If you can achieve that, you will also become an efficient type.

The main condition for increasing the speed of typing is knowing how to write a letter with a finger. Typing is not possible due to not keeping the hands properly on the keyboard. The most common mistake is placing hands on the keyboard incorrectly. So you can remember the rule of keeping fingers on the keyboard. Assuming you utilize at least one fingers for each letter, it is delayed to type will. Thus, you need to keep two hands on the console so that your two thumbs are right between the space bar. Then the console characters, beginning from, ought to be separated into three sections. First row from (Q), second row from (A) and third row from (Z).

Practice should start from the second row. For this, the little finger of your left hand ought to be put on the A (A), the ring finger on the S (S), the center finger on the D (D), the pointer on the F (F). Make sure to likewise type the letter G with the pointer. Then the little finger of the right hand is on the semicolon (;), the ring finger is on the L (L), the middle finger is on the K (K), the index finger is on the J (J). Here likewise H ought to be composed with pointer. Fingers should be placed on the keyboard letters to type.

Recollect during training, right-hand thumb ought to be utilized to squeeze space in the wake of composing any letter on the left. Also, in the wake of composing any letter on the right, press space with the thumb on the left side. If you want to write the above letters quickly, you should type them repeatedly using spaces (a s d f g; l k j h). At the same time, writing about using shift letters (A S D F G: L K J H) should be practiced. While typing small and capital letters, if you want to write a word on the left in capital letters (capitalized word), then press the shift on the right side. Similarly, for right capitalization, select, left shift. By and by make Q from (qwertpoiuy), A from (asdfglkjh) and Z from (zxcvmnb). Then, rewrite the letters from below. If you practice this repeatedly, your fingers will work equally on all the letters of the keyboard. After writing the letters in this way, practice typing by using the space or shift key.

While composing while at the same time taking a gander at the console, bit by bit quit looking. In the wake of acquiring ability recorded as a hard copy along these lines, you need to type rapidly after checking out at the text of any book. Then slowly try to type without looking at the monitor. Only then will your typing speed increase.

Apart from these, a few things should be noted. Among them, the environmental aspect is a consideration. For example-

* Want a convenient and comfortable place to type quickly. An open and comfortable space facilitates fast typing.

* Sitting properly is important for typing fast. While sitting straight, make sure that the wrists are along the keyboard. Fingers can play the keys properly. It is better not to type excessively.

* No practice option to learn typing fast. The more you type, the faster and more accurately you will learn to type. Be that as it may, for this you must show restraint.

Source: Times of India

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