Google Bard AI wrong answer $100 billion loss

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Google Bird AI wrong answer $100 billion loss

Google Bird AI wrong answer $100 billion loss

Open AI chatbot ChatGPT has taken the world by surprise. Artificial intelligence (AI) bot chatgpt instantly answers any question you ask. Seeing the success of ChatGTP, the world's most popular search engine Google is working to add a chatbot named 'Bird'.

 However, before launching this service, the company faced huge losses. Google's chatbot 'Bird' answered a question incorrectly. And because of this one wrong answer, Google's parent company Alphabet faced a loss of 100 billion dollars. BBC news.


It is known that Google made an advertisement to promote the bird. This was revealed on Twitter last Monday. In the ad, Bird is being asked to provide some information about NASA's James Webb Telescope. Which can be said to a 9-year-old boy.


In response to this question, Bird replied, james webb was the first telescope to image a planet outside Earth's solar system. But it was only in 2004 that the European Very Large Telescope (EVLT) took pictures of extrasolar planets.


This small mistake did not escape the eyes of the scientists. They highlighted the issue on Twitter. After this advertisement, the share price of Google's parent company Alphabet fell by 7 percent. Due to this, the brand value of the company has decreased by 100 billion dollars.


TheUK's Newcastle University Fellow Chris Harrison said in a funny tweet, 'Why didn't you verify the truth of this information before sharing?'


Meanwhile, when Google announced the introduction of 'Bird' service, the company's investors were very excited about this.

Google has been under a lot of pressure from Microsoft introduced the ChatGTP service. Using that ChatGTP, it is possible to do almost everything, including school teaching, songwriting.

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