Some interesting facts about the World Cup

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Some interesting facts about the World Cup

Another World Cup is knocking at the door. Before the start of the event, there was a lot of noise in the football neighborhood. Supporters do not sleep about their respective teams. Arguing over various details in the tea cart. So here are some interesting facts for the readers, which you might not know.

01. Have you ever thought, once upon a time, spectators went to the stadium with pistols to watch the game? This is the event of the first World Cup. The excitement among the spectators was at an extreme level as the two neighboring countries of the service, Argentina and the host Uruguay reached the final. So, the referee asked all the spectators to be searched to ensure safety. 1600 revolvers are available from them.

2. In the first World Cup, FIFA did not have a ball of its own. The teams played with balls. In the service final, the two finalists, Uruguay and Argentina, clashed over the ball. Both teams want to play with their own ball. In the end, it was decided to play with Argentina's ball in the first half and Uruguay's ball in the second half. Interestingly, Argentina scored 2 goals with their own ball in the first half. And in the second half, Uruguay scored 4 goals with their own ball. As a result, Uruguay won the championship by defeating Argentina by 4-2.

3. During World War II, FIFA's Italian vice president, Artorino Barsi, hid the World Cup trophy under his bedroom bed. He was afraid that the Nazi forces could steal the trophy!

4. In 1974, Team Zaire stole a BMW team bus to leave West Germany. But they could not go very far. Before leaving Germany, they were caught by the police.

5. In 1990, the United Arab Emirates got the opportunity to play in the World Cup for the first time. The players of the team are promised that if someone scores a goal, he will be given a Rolls Royce car. The inexperienced team had little chance of doing well. However, they managed to score 2 goals before being eliminated from the group stage. And according to the promise, two goal scorers Ismail Mubarak and Thani Juma received a Roll Royce car from Sheikh Mohammed.

6. There was no knockout final in the 1950 World Cup in Brazil. Instead, on an experimental basis, the team with the highest points is declared the champion on a round robin league basis. And Uruguay became the champion for the second time. Similarly, there was no group stage in 1934 and 1938 World Cup.

7. If you can avoid defeat in any way, you are a champion. Brazil won big in all the previous matches. So, the Brazilians had great interest in this match. 1 lakh 99 thousand 984 spectators attended the Maracana Stadium in Rio to watch the match between Uruguay and Brazil in the final round of the 1950 World Cup. Which is still the highest attendance record in World Cup history. But unfortunately, Brazil lost the match. And not being able to bear the pain of defeat in that match, several Brazilian fans committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the Maracana.

8. India got a chance to play in the 1950 World Cup in Brazil without playing a single match as the rest of the teams withdrew from the qualifiers. The team that used to play barefoot at that time demanded to play barefoot in the World Cup as well. But FIFA did not allow it. India later withdrew its name.

9. Brazil is the only team to have played in all the World Cup tournaments. They are the highest five-time world champion in the previous 20 editions. They also hold the record for most World Cup wins at 70. However, this successful team did not have a good start to the World Cup. The team started their World Cup journey by losing 2-1 against Yugoslavia in their first match in the 1930 World Cup.

10. Colombia was the hot favorite team of the 1994 World Cup. But they lost 2-1 to USA in the group stage match. Andre Escobar scored a suicide goal there. The gangsters shot him dead because of that suicide goal.

11. Italy holds the record for the longest consecutive World Cup champions. After winning the World Cup in 1934, they also won the World Cup in 1938. The next two seasons were not held due to World War II. As a result, they are world champions for 16 consecutive years from 1934 to 1950.

12. In the history of the World Cup, this tournament was held in two different countries only in 2002. The event was jointly organized by South Korea and Japan. This is the first time that the World Cup is going to be held simultaneously in two continents. Because Russia is located between Europe and Asia at the same time.

13. In the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, changing jerseys after the match was prohibited. FIFA took this strange decision because the chests of the players were exposed.

14. The first international football match was played between Scotland and England. In 1872. But it took Scotland 82 years to play in the World Cup for the first time. In 1954, they got a chance at the World Cup in Switzerland. And it took 78 years for England to get a chance. The team participated in the 1950 World Cup for the first time. They lost 0-1 to USA in the first match. Although the English media is reluctant to accept it. They claim England actually won the match 10-1. 0-1 is mistakenly printed!

15. The maximum margin of victory in the final is 3 goals. And Brazil is associated with these three times. They beat Sweden 5-2 in the final in 1958. And in 1970, the team beat Italy 4-1. Although they won twice by big margins, they also lost once. In 1998, the team lost 3-0 to France.

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