Screenshots are closed on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp Screenshots

Screenshots are closed on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the world's most popular instant messaging platform, is constantly introducing various features for the convenience of users.

Recently, the messaging app has brought another new feature. The new feature will keep user information more private. If someone sends a picture or video, the other person cannot take a screenshot of it. A photo or video sent via View Once will disappear after the person on the other end of the chat has viewed the message once.

WhatsApp brought this feature a few months ago. But so far these messages could be saved with screenshots. But this time it can no longer be done. Not only screenshots, the US messaging company has also stopped screen recording in View Once messages.

But until now these messages could be saved through screenshot or screen recording. This feature has been added to the beta version for now. It is expected that this feature will be added to the stable version soon. After that, all customers can install this security feature on their phones.


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