Hong Kong is offering free flight tickets

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free flight tickets

Hong Kong is offering free flight tickets to attract tourists

Hong Kong has announced that it will give 500,000 free flight tickets to low-cost tourists in order to revive the tourism industry that has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The project to attract tourists will cost the Hong Kong government more than 254 million US dollars.

Recently, the Hong Kong authorities lifted the restrictions of the coronavirus epidemic in some cities. Hong Kong's major airlines are scrambling to restore flight schedules to pre-pandemic levels.

British airline Virgin Atlantic said on Wednesday it would suspend operations in Hong Kong due to concerns over the Ukraine war.

Dan Cheng, executive director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, said, "The airport authority will finalize all arrangements with the airline companies." All Covid-19 restrictions for travelers to Hong Kong will be lifted once the government announces. At the same time, we will run an advertising campaign for free air tickets for tourists.

Airline tickets purchased to support struggling airlines in Hong Kong during the coronavirus pandemic; They will be distributed by the airport authority of the city next year among the inbound and outbound travelers at the airfare.

Meanwhile, Virgin Atlantic announced that it will close its Hong Kong office. For 30 years, they operated flights from one of Asia's aviation hubs to London's Heathrow Airport.

The British airline said the commercial decision was made not to resume flights from March next year due to significant difficulties in operating flights due to the closure of Russian airspace.

The airline, founded by British billionaire Richard Branson, stopped flying to Hong Kong last December. Several airlines around the world have canceled flights or chosen longer routes due to Russia's aggression in Ukraine.

One of the strictest corona restrictions in the world was imposed on Hong Kong following China's Covid policy. However, to overcome the economic crisis, the government there has announced various facilities for tourists as well as free air tickets.

Last month, the Hong Kong government said tourists arriving in the city would not have to go into hotel quarantine or show a negative Covid test certificate before boarding a flight to Hong Kong. However, within three days of arrival, passengers must monitor themselves for possible infection.

Demand for Hong Kong flight tickets has skyrocketed since the announcement of the lifting of corona restrictions and free tickets, according to the BBC.

Source: BBC.

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