Gmail inbox full Delete all messages with one click

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Gmail inbox full Delete all messages with one click

Many types of advertising or promotional emails we see in Gmail are marketing emails. Which are available by registering on any site or platform. Of these, the news of the arrival of new things in the market is known. Not that these emails are always unnecessary. But in many cases, they fill up our Gmail inbox quickly. As a result, other important mails may be lost. But there is a simple trick to delete all these e-mails.

There is an ``unsubscribe'' button at the end of every advertising or promotional e-mail. Clicking this button will stop these emails from coming to our Gmail inbox. Even, the spam folder will be stopped. What to do for him.

To do this, first login to the Gmail account. Then such promotional mail should be opened. Now open the website/company email that you no longer need and scroll down to find the unsubscribe button. Click on it to get rid of unwanted mail.

Incidentally, Google has added three new languages to their Smart Reply feature. These three new languages are - Spanish, Portuguese and French. The company said that users do not need to think about anything in this regard, whatever language they type, the app will understand it by itself and will reply in that language.


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