The vehicle is opened by the chip in the hand

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The vehicle is opened by the chip in the hand

Car and house keys should always be kept with you. It is dangerous to lose. Many people forget to take their car keys while leaving home. Have to come back to the key again. However, Brandon Dalai does not have to face any of these problems. Because he always has the car key in one hand and the house key with the other hand. So, he does not have any difficulty in doing any normal work. Because he inserted both keys in the hand in the form of a chip with the help of technology.


Brandon Dalai had a miniature chip inserted into his right hand, Business Insider reported. Now, just by touching the car, your Tesla car opens. Brandon Dalai shared the video on Twitter and YouTube. He inserted the chip manually with the help of a professional.

Earlier, Brandon Dalai also chipped in a left-hander. This chip stores all his communication and medical information. Also, the door of the house can be opened through that chip.

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