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iPhone's battery problem solution

Several problems have arisen with the iPhone battery. Apple brought a great way to solve this problem. The manufacturer has rolled out a new iOS 15 update to fix the battery issue. Apple has informed that iOS 15.4.1 will be hard to come by. Apple has launched iOS 15.4 update a few days ago. As a result, many new features are being used in the iPhone.

Those who have this new update can use various new features. This includes Face ID with a mask, new emojis, new Siri voice, text scanning, etc. And after this new update, iPhone users have been complaining that some problems have occurred in their iPhone battery. In fact, this new problem started after updating the iPhone to the new iOS 15.4 version.

Many iPhone users take pictures of their phones and share them on social media. All of them said that Apple needs to solve this problem. Users who are using the iPhone 13 Pro Max have reported that the battery of this phone is draining very quickly. It is known that the battery of iPhone 13 Pro Max becomes 10 percent in just 5 minutes. And that's not a good thing for the iPhone.

iOS 15.4.1 update has come to solve this problem. It will not only solve the battery problem of the phone, but also strengthen the security of the phone. Let's know, the easy way of this update.

How to update iOS 15.4.1 version on the iPhone?

First, go to the Settings app.

After that, go to the General section and enter Software Update.

The iPhone or iPad will check for the latest updates and show the update patch notes

This time, click on the download option and enter your passcode.

Wait until it downloads.

After downloading, it should be installed.

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