How to Avoid Mobile Pegasus Spyware Risk

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Spyware Risk

How to Avoid Mobile Pegasus Spyware Risk

The current age is the information technology age. Allegations of information misappropriation around the world, taking advantage of technological advances, are common in the media. Various spyware is used for this. The most talked about spyware recently is the Pegasus spyware developed by an Israeli company.

The Pegasus spyware developed by the Israeli company NSO Group has also been accused of hacking the phones of hundreds of thousands of government workers, journalists, and big politicians around the world. A list of over 50,000 phone numbers was recently leaked. It is believed that since 2016, NSO customers have received these numbers.


How Pegasus Spyware Takes Control of Mobile

Spyware can take control of iOS and Android operating system smartphones through small messages and calls. Through this, the spyware is automatically installed on the smartphone. Even if the mobile phone user does not receive the spyware call, the software can be installed automatically. The attacker than took control of the phone's entire system.

It's so scary that once installed, the spyware can easily control WhatsApp messages and conversations, voice calls, passwords, contact lists, calendar with various events, phone microphone and even anyone's camera.

The spyware also has the ability to capture images and videos at any time with the victim's mobile camera.

In addition, the spyware can see where the victim is now by turning on the mobile location at any time.

Meanwhile, there are many of us who keep important data encrypted on our mobiles. But the alarming thing is that this spyware can also read encrypted files.

Avoid using free Wi-Fi. Don't open links to unknown sites to your phone. Turn on all kinds of locks, so nobody can use your phone. Do not update apps from websites other than the one dedicated to the phone.

Source: The Guardian

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