The moisture of the skin decreases and restore skin moisturizers

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The moisture of the skin decreases and restore skin moisturizers


Due to which the moisture of the skin decreases and symptoms Many people think that skin problems differ depending on the season. Dermatologists, however, do not agree with this. If there is a problem with the skin, it is always there. In some seasons, it comes to a head. Such as loss of skin moisture.

Although this problem is more common in summer, the skin can also become dry during monsoon. The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun have a harmful effect on the skin. The skin begins to lose moisture. Apart from that, commuting to and from the office has also started now. As a result, you have to spend a long time in an air-conditioned environment. Wrinkles appear in the skin at a young age due to lack of sufficient moisture.

However, you can feel whether your skin has lost moisture by looking at a few signs-


1. Skin rash, scaly skin, itching, acne.

2. Sensitivity, redness and hyperpigmentation

3. Pinch the skin with two fingers and see if the skin color looks pale. If the area is pale and the skin color    takes time to return to normal, then you are suffering from dehydration.

4. Wrinkles

5. Dullness


How to restore skin moisture


1. There is no substitute for water to increase the brightness and freshness of the skin by eliminating moisture. Drink enough water. Use cosmetics rich in antioxidants and humectants.

2. Chocolate based face mask works to restore moisture to the skin. Helps eliminate hyperpigmentation by reducing excess melanin.

3. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Because it reduces the amount of water in the skin. Try not to drink multiple cups of espresso daily.

4.  Do not use scrubs to rub the skin. Use a gentle exfoliant instead. Scrubbing already dehydrates the skin. For this reason, the skin should not be scrubbed more than once a week.

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