Supersonic aircraft will travel at the speed of sound

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Supersonic airplane

 Supersonic aircraft will travel at the speed of sound

The world's fastest passenger plane will start operating soon. BOOM Supersonic brings this plane traveling at twice the speed of sound. As a result, you can go from London to New York in just three and a half hours. Where previously it took seven to eight and a half hours to cover this distance of 5,559 km.

Work on supersonic aircraft has been going on for the past 20 years. Colorado-based start-up company Boom Supersonic has once again taken the initiative to make supersonic aircraft a reality. They designed an airplane that would take passengers straight from Britain to America in just three and a half hours.

The method involved with flying this airplane will begin from 2026. However, they will start carrying the first passengers in 2029. Technical renderings of the aircraft from several years ago were revealed during a press conference at the Farnborough Air Show last week. It was a commercial event for a UK-based airline. The newly developed aircraft design does not have an additional engine. But it also has a contoured fuselage and gull wings.

The company has named this aircraft 'Overture'. This plane has overtaken the world's fastest plane '747', 'Concorde' in terms of speed. BOOM Supersonic company employees jokingly said, "If Concorde and 747 were the children of two planes, it would be Overture." Many people jokingly call this plane "Son of Concorde".

Overture can travel over land and water at a distance of 4,000 nautical miles. Its normal speed is 2092 km per hour on land, but this aircraft can reach a speed of 1239 km per hour over the water. This airplane can fly with 60 to 80 travelers up to 60 thousand feet.

Supersonic airplane

After a total of 51 design changes, the aircraft has undergone 26 million hours of simulation testing and five wind tunnel tests. With a total of four engines, this aircraft has an automatic system to prevent noise pollution. Judging by the company's claims, speed and safety, this aircraft is going to be the fastest aircraft in the world.

BOOM has announced a partnership agreement with Northrop Grumman to develop 'Special Mission Variants'. Blake Scholl, pioneer and President of Blast Supersonic, said," The universe of flight has not seen such a gigantic jump forward in many years. Our notions of distance will change the overture.'

The design of the Overture aircraft was unveiled at the Farnborough International Air Show. According to Boom Supersonic, this aircraft is an economically and environmentally sound supersonic aircraft.

In January this year, United Airlines placed an order for 15 supersonic aircraft. Japan Airlines also invested $10 million in Boom Supersonic in 2017. Under the deal, they expect to buy 20 aircraft from the company.

The supersonic aircraft startup recently announced a partnership deal with US military technology company Northrop Grumman to develop the Overture military aircraft. The boom has so far tracked over 660 different routes worldwide for Overture.


Source: CNN News

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