Soon Facebook will be like TikTok

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Facebook vs TikTok

Soon Facebook will be like TikTok


This time social media Facebook is bringing big changes. A new video section is about to be added to the site. Videos can be changed on Facebook by swiping in the same way as in TikTok app.

The posts of family members and friends will be shown in a separate tab on Facebook. TikTok is turning out to be increasingly more famous all over the planet. Which has an impact on other social media, Almost every website has lost customers due to the popularity of TikTok. So, Facebook is bringing a bunch of changes to survive in the technology world.

According to the company, from July 28, the homepage of the Facebook app will look like TikTok. There will keep on being upward open recordings.

Customers can watch videos and stories like Reels, TikTok from the home screen of Facebook app. Users will find the New Stream tab on the home screen of the app. Also, the shortcut of the section that the user uses more often will automatically be added to the app. The app's main feed is no longer called the News Feed.

After this change, all clients will have their own home page. Meta will customize each customer's home page through machine learning. The home will have Instagram Reels and Facebook Stories. The US company encourages customers to post on both platforms. However, there is no change in the Facebook Watch and Groups tab.

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