Smartphone new version is Android-13

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Smartphone new version is Android-13

The popular smartphone operating system (OS) Android 13 has been unveiled by the manufacturer Google. The recently unveiled AOS is initially being downloaded to Google's own smartphone brand Pixel devices. However, the latest update is available for Pixel 4 and later versions. In a blog post, Google said that the new version of Android has a bunch of new features.

In a blog post, Google said that after the update, more customization options are being added to the lock screen. Apart from this, the icons of all apps can be changed according to the theme of the phone from now on. From now on, a specific app can be used in a specific language. Thus, you can utilize any application in your favored language without changing the telephone's framework language.

Android 13 has a unique accentuation on security controls. From now on, if you allow an app to view photos and videos, the app will only see the photos and videos you select. In addition, Google has added additional protection to clipboard data. The operating system will ensure additional protection, especially if you copy data like e-mail, phone number.

Android 13 brings more control over notifications. If you want to send notifications to the downloaded app, it will now ask for your permission. At the same time copying from the phone, any content can be transferred to another device. Apart from that, it will give a good experience in multitasking.

Spill got works better than before in stream run mode. The new update will be available on selected models of smartphones from various brands including Samsung, Asus, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, Vivo, Xiaomi, HMD (Nokia), Motorola, OnePlus. However, Google has not clarified when the update will be available for brands other than Pixel phones and which models will not receive this update.

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