Chinas strange ice cream does not melt even in the fire

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China's strange ice cream does not melt even in the fire


We all know that ice cream starts melting in a warm environment. But not only warmth, but have you ever heard that ice cream does not melt even when exposed to fire or high heat?

Even if you are surprised to hear this is true! Recently, a report about such a strange ice cream has been published in the Indian media Anandabazar newspaper. According to the report, you can see such strange ice cream in China. The Chinese ice cream manufacturing company 'Chicecream' has created such a strange ice cream.

There has been an uproar over such a matter in China. The ice cream is made by a luxury ice cream brand in China. Instead of melting their ice cream even at high temperatures, there was a serious concern that it caught fire. What is in this ice cream? Chinese citizens are asking this question.

This strange ice cream is made by popular Chinese ice cream brand' Chicecream '. It is feared that a very dangerous substance has been mixed with that ice cream. Because of which it doesn't dissolve even at high temperature. Several videos about this have gone viral on Chinese social media. One of them shows a customer testing an ice cream made by the' Chicecream' company by putting a lighter flame on it.

In the video, he said, there is a burning smell of the product. But it is not melting. Another Chinese social media user recorded a video of a' Chicecream' brand of ice cream being left at 31 degrees Celsius for about half an hour. Gives the idea that the frozen yogurt has dissolved. However, as normal ice cream melts into a liquid, this is not the case. Rather, the product has become sticky.

The owner of the' Chicecream' brand is a Chinese food manufacturing company called 'Zhong Ju Gao'. The company claims that there is no defect in their products. All products conform to the standards set by China's national authorities. On Chinese social media Weibo, the company 'Zhong Ju Gao' has revealed the ingredients of their ice cream. The ice cream used in the viral video was Basalt Coconut flavor.

In a post on Weibo, the company said the main ingredients of Basalt Coconut flavor ice cream are milk, cream, coconut milk, condensed milk and milk powder. As an explanation for the ice cream catching fire without melting, they stated that forty percent of the ice cream's ingredients are solids, which do not melt.

However, this explanation did not satisfy the local authorities. An official from China's Shanghai Market Supervision and Management Bureau said they had seen the videos. The department has begun an examination concerning the matter. He said the test consequences of expert testing organizations ought to be more credible. To our open eyes, the ice cream did not melt. This matter will be understood if we get scientific data.


Source - Times of India.



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