How beneficial is tamarind for you

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How beneficial is tamarind for you?


Tamarind has been commonly used as a medicine since ancient times. It has many health benefits. Tamarind is important in various diseases, including fever, sore throat, rheumatism, inflammation. Apart from that, it is very necessary for high pressure patients.

Tamarind helps a lot in increasing the performance of several important organs of the body. In fact, the anti-inflammatory material present in it plays a special role in keeping away several diseases by reducing the inflammation in the body.


Nutrition per 100 grams of ripe tamarind-


Water part 20.9 grams, total minerals 2.9 grams, fiber 5.6 grams, food energy 283 kilocalories, meat 3.1 grams, fat 0.1 grams, sugars 66.4 grams, calcium 170 mg, iron 10. 9 mg, carotene 60 micrograms, vitamin B 20.07 mg, vitamin C 3 mg, Phosphorus 113 mg, Potassium 628 mg, vitamin E 0.1 mg, Beta Carotene 60 micrograms, Selenium 1.3 mg, Sodium 28 mg, Zinc 0.12 mg, Magnesium 92 mg, Copper 0.86 mg.


Helps in weight loss: Several studies have shown that starting to eat tamarind increases the level of fiber in the body. As a result, hunger decreases. And once you start eating less, it doesn't take long to lose weight. Apart from this, the ingredients present in tamarind play a special role in reducing the normal weight by shedding excess fat present in the body.


Controls Diabetes: Tamarind works great in controlling blood sugar levels indirectly but not directly. In fact, several enzymes present in tamarind reduce the absorption rate of carbohydrates. As a result, the risk of diabetes is reduced.

Increases heart capacity: Several studies have shown that the various vitamins and minerals in tamarind help in controlling blood pressure. It also plays a special role in reducing the level of bad cholesterol present in the blood. And blood pressure and cholesterol are not enough to reduce the performance of the heart. So when the body is free from these two harmful diseases, there is naturally no chance for the heart health to deteriorate. So eating tamarind is very important.


Improves Digestion: The dietary fiber present in tamarind helps in digestion. It contains large amounts of "bilious substances" which speed up the process of food digestion. As a result, the risk of indigestion is reduced. In a word, tamarind takes care that every small and big work is done properly inside the stomach. As a result, the risk of any kind of stomach disease is reduced.


Some more benefits of tamarind-


1. Saliva is produced in the mouth.


2. Tamarind purifies the blood.


3. It improves digestion.


4. Increases taste in food.


5. Tamarind leaves are rich in amino acids.


6. Mixing garlic with tamarind reduces blood fat.


7. The juice of its leaves relieves cold, cough, piles and urinary irritation.


8. Tamarind plays a major role in reducing blood fat. Helps maintain normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels and blood pressure.

9. Older tamarind is more effective. If you have flatulence or indigestion, soak old tamarind in a cup of water and add a little salt, sugar or jaggery to relieve the problem.


10. Even if you burn your hands and feet, you can get benefit from this syrup.


11. Tamarind keeps the heart healthy.


12. Tamarind reduces blood cholesterol. Controls high blood pressure in the body.


13. Reduces stomach worms in children.


14. Beneficial for piles.


15. Relieves nausea during pregnancy.


16. It contains about 5 to 17 times more calcium than all fruits.


17. It is a great source of vitamin C.


18. Reduces arthritis pain or joint pain.


19. Old tamarind cures cough.


20. Tamarind reduces diabetes.


21. Tamarind is useful in jaundice.


22. Tamarind contains more minerals than any other fruit.


23. The iron content is 5 to 20 times more than all other fruits except coconut.


24. Tea made from tamarind leaves is used to reduce malarial fever.


25. Helps heal mouth sores and skin inflammation.


26. Tamarind helps fight cancer.


27. If you have loose stools after eating tamarind, it means that tamarind is working well in the body. Because the fat melts out with the thin stool.


28. Experts say that if one regularly walks briskly for an hour every day and eats at least 25 grams of tamarind, heart block cannot occur.

29. Tamarind regulates skin temperature and keeps skin healthy.


30. Tamarind flushes out toxins from the body. But it is better to eat tamarind on a full stomach.

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