Food delivery app saved the life of a young woman

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 Food delivery app saved the life of a young woman


We are accustomed to ordering food online or through various food delivery apps. But what if someone survives by ordering food through that food delivery app? I was surprised to hear that, but it actually happened. A young woman who was recently abducted has been rescued through a special message found in the food delivery app. The episode happened in New York, US.


The girl had ordered food from a food delivery app called grabhab and asked the eatery staff to inform the police. He ordered sandwiches and burgers at a restaurant in New York through that food delivery app. The additional note reads: I have been abducted. Report it to the police now. The special message sent by the young woman was shared from the Facebook page of the restaurant. Restaurant staff called the police after receiving the young woman's message. The police went and rescued her.


After the issue came to light, many people have noted similarities between this incident and the film's script. He wakes up in the morning and orders his breakfast via the popular US food delivery app. There, the young woman writes that I have been kidnapped. Make a report to the police anyway, but remember that the perpetrators must not be suspected in any way. The staff at the restaurant didn't believe it at first when they received this special message along with the burger sandwich order. They thought someone was joking with them. But they had doubts, what kind of fun would anyone have?


Restaurant staff then contacted their owner. Owner Alice Bermoza immediately instructed the police to report the matter without any risk. After the police found out about the incident, they arrived at the scene and rescued the girl. After the salvage, the young lady called herself and expressed gratitude toward the café proprietor. One person has been arrested in connection with the abduction of the girl and has been charged under multiple sections such as abduction and sexual harassment.

Source: The Times of India

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