Added copy-paste feature to Google Drive

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Added copy-paste feature to Google Drive


Google has side cut, copy and paste options to the drive with the new update. From currently on, these options are often used through keyboard commands. News TechTimes.


Those who use Google Chrome are able to profit of this new feature. Drive users can presently transfer their files via copy, cut or paste by pressing the C, X and V buttons with the management or key. The feature is receptive to everybody from Gregorian calendar month four.


Although Google has lagged behind in adding the foremost essential feature, the program large says the feature is totally operational. The feature is side to the essential road. However, it'll work on alternative tabs moreover.


If the user copies a file and needs to stick it into e-mail or Google Doc, then the file title and link are side. Users will simply paste shortcuts if they are doing not need to stay 2 versions of a similar go into Google Drive storage.


Google recently disclosed one among these options. Additionally, the program large has recently launched another feature for users of Google Doc, that permits you to pick out, delete, copy-paste or delete multiple texts in a very doc file along. The feature can mechanically be receptive to all users. Which means it does not get to be launched severally. It'll even be out there for space users, heritage G Suite and business account holders.


To use the Docs feature, you would like to log in to Google Docs. Then you have got to open a document and choose multiple texts from there and also the work is often done by giving commands PRN.

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