Shouts of anger can cause serious illness

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Shouts of anger can cause serious illness


Anger is not good for the body at all. Many people suffer from excessive anger. Anger can sometimes lead to mental illness. Most people get angry and make wrong decisions or bad words, or use them with others. Anger increases stress. Anger also causes various physical problems.


According to a 2018 Gallup (Global Emotions Report) report, 22 percent of the 151,000 participants in 140 countries who took part in the study suffered from excessive anger. On the other hand, 39 percent of the participants were very worried due to anger.


Anger is a state of mind that is necessary for our survival. However, when our stress level increases, it often gets out of control. However, the reasons for one's anger are different. However, it is wise to control anger in any situation. Find out which diseases increase the risk of excessive anger and shouting-


When we shout in anger, 5 things happen in the body. One of them is sudden increase in heart rate. You will notice that most people get involved in arguments whenever they say something in anger. Then the heart rate increases. This means that anger also raises blood pressure.


Due to this, the skin and face become red and veins come out. If you get angry, you have to breathe fast and your hands and feet become colder than usual. Understand that when you suddenly get angry, all the systems of the body change. Which can sometimes bring danger.


Researchers have found that remembering a heated argument in the past or shouting in anger lowers your immune system for up to 6 hours. People who get angry easily are often sick! Because their immunity is weak. Extremely angry people unknowingly increase the risk of various physical diseases.


Whenever we blow up, stress synthetics flood our mind and body. Simultaneously, it likewise changes the digestion. Individuals who experience the ill effects of unreasonable indignation might experience the ill effects of normal cerebral pains, uneasiness, sleep deprivation and heartburn.


In addition, various skin problems such as eczema and various skin diseases can also settle into the body. Such people have a high risk of stroke or heart attack.


Arguing with someone in anger or exchanging heated and harsh words can also have a bad effect on your brain. For this reason, many people say it out of anger, but can't remember it again next time.


Later, many people think that this is a lie, but in fact, most people get angry and say things that are easily forgotten completely later!


You know, screaming in anger can cause chronic pain! Some studies have shown that parents shouting in front of children under the age of 13 hinders the development of the child's brain.


Their mental state also changes. Such children may suffer from chronic pain when they grow up. Among these, back and neck pain, headache and arthritis are more common.


Research has also shown that most people become overconfident to prove them victorious during an argument. Which, obviously, made the video a mind-blowing phenomenon.


The people around you may have a bad attitude towards you. If you want to prove yourself, you can win by speaking, not by shouting, but by reasoning and keeping yourself calm.


How to keep yourself from getting angry and screaming?


Think about it before you say something angry. It's easy to say something to someone, but regret won't leave you later.


Try to calm down when you get angry. Solve problems in a healthy and reasonable way.


Don't go for less than your full potential. Find a solution by speaking in a more natural way.


 Don't hold a grudge against anyone. Being forgiving will help you to get rid of anger and stress.


Instead of being angry at someone's words, look at them in a fun and funny way. Humor does not mean satire. Caution should be exercised between these two issues.


When angry, take a deep breath, listen to music, or spend some time alone in a quiet place.


Be sure to consult a psychiatrist to protect you from the problem of excessive anger. If you keep the problem of anger under control, you will be in more danger.


Source: Bright Side

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