Google Pixel Watch is coming

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Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch is coming


Google Pixel Watch: Wait a few more days. According to tech sites, the launch date of Google Smartwatch is approaching. Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai has already hinted at Google Smartwatch. Find out what's in Google's first smartwatch.


Google Pixel Watch: Watch design and specs

We've already got a glimpse of the pixel watch design, it's round dials and watch strips. Here, you can learn more about the battery of Pixel Smartwatch and its connectivity features. According to some tech sites, this watch from Google should look like a normal watch, even if it is a smartwatch. Where special measures may be in place to prevent the watch from sweating. The company can even keep different colors of the watch band. However, all this depends on the size of the clock.


Google Pixel Watch: Watch battery and backup

The Pixel Watch probably has a 300mAh battery. The buyer will get it with a cellular connection option. According to tech bloggers, the estimated battery power of the Pixel smartwatch could be 300mAh. Supposedly, this battery is enough for one-day battery backup. The battery can give more backup than this.


Google Pixel Watch: Which operating system clock?

It is thought that the smartwatch may be far ahead of the current Chinese smartwatch in terms of features. The price of the Pixel Watch will depend on what features Google offers. It is rumored that this smartwatch may come with any operating system like Wear OS version 3. Last week, Google approved the trademark of this smartwatch. Where the watch is supposed to have officially received clearance for the Pixel Watch name. However, it is still unclear how much it will cost when it comes to the market.

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