Samsung will launch a self-repair program

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Samsung will launch a self-repair program


Apple is not the only technology giant to launch a self-repair program this year. Along with the Cupertino-based technology giant, Samsung has also taken the initiative to launch the program for Galaxy devices. It will be launched in the United States this summer jointly with Ifixit. News The Verge.

No detailed information will be available until the self-repair program is launched. However, customers will have the opportunity to use the official parts of the smartphone and repair tools as part of the repair process. In the first phase, back glass, charging port and display unit will be added or replaced.

Devices in the Galaxy S20, S21, Galaxy Tab and Seven Plus lineups can be repaired through Samsung's self-repair program. However, the newly launched Galaxy S22 Ultra cannot be repaired right now. The South Korean technology giant will gradually roll out more devices under the repair program and allow users to send defective parts to Samsung to ensure recycling.

Source: News The Verge.

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