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Various uses of tea leaves


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                                 Various uses of tea leaves


In the wake of preparing tea, many individuals toss the frozen tea leaves in the rubbish. Once more, many individuals utilize this tea as plant manure. Notwithstanding, tea leaves are substantially more valuable than manures. Yet, how about we see what different purposes tea leaves have.


Do you work all day sitting in front of the computer? Cool the bubbled tea leaves well. Put it on a perfect material and give the eyes a slight cold, you will see the eyes sleepiness vanishes.


A few tea leaves balance the weight to keep the wooden furniture in the house stable for a long time. Reheat the used tea leaves. The resulting lye lasts longer if the furniture is cleaned regularly and also shines.


Tea leaves contain antioxidants. If there is any injury or pain in the body, this can be cured by applying boiled tea leaves.


Do many individuals experience the ill effects of skin inflammation? Absorb the pre-owned tea clean water for some time. Then perfect the face by absorbing the cotton in this water. Do these no less than three days every week; you will see the issue disappear.


Do your shoes smell? Place the green tea leaves in a dainty fabric folded over the shoe. Assuming you leave it like that for 24 hours in a row, you'll observe that the smell of the shoes has since a long time ago scattered. Terrible stench in the cooler, put the pre-owned tea leaves in a little holder and keep it in the ice chest, this will keep the ice chest new.

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