Monkey's hired singer's to encourage reproduction

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           Monkey's hired singer's to encourage reproduction


The monkeys are listening live songs by hiring regular singers. The Trentham Monkey Forest in England took such an innovative initiative to encourage breeding.

According to the staff at the conservation center, there is a special species of monkey called Barbary macaque, and they are found mainly in North Africa and Gibraltar. But huge numbers of trees have been cut down and the number of monkeys has decreased for smuggling.

November and may last until March is the breeding season for monkeys. The forest department said that they are trying to make the monkeys feel better by listening to music. At the same time, male and female monkeys are being encouraged to breed.

Conservation Center official Matt Love said the initiative was taken to increase the birth rate of monkeys. Monkeys of this species are endangered. So the experiment is underway to see if the initiative works.

Marvin Guy, the famous American singer, a Grammy award winner sang live songs for the monkeys.


Source: Newsweek.

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