The Chinese navy base is with inside the Atlantic Ocean

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yulin naval base underground

        The Chinese navy base is with inside the Atlantic Ocean


A mysterious US understanding file has asserted that China has a military set up in Djibouti. Of course, interestingly, China will assemble a military set up with inside the Atlantic Sea. The military set up might be located in Tropical Guinea, a bit us of an in Africa. The US is concerned. News for the Money Road Diary.

China's preparations to installation it’s a decent start line with inside the Atlantic Sea have added concerns up with inside the White House and the Pentagon. Assuming China units up this military set up in Tropical Guinea, then, at that point, Chinese warships will absolutely need to re-arm and ship that big wide variety of guns clearly inverse America East Coast.

Moreover, the bottom will deliver freedoms to Chinese warship fixes. Last October, US Head Agent Public protection Counselor John Better visited Tropical Guinea and met with the use of a's Leader Teodoro Obiang Nguyen Mbasogo.

By then, the US government required a finish to China's base plans. Prior in April, General Stephen Townsend, America navy chief in Africa, advised a US Senate listening to that the muse of a Chinese base at the Atlantic coast changed into the best danger.

Source: Parstude.

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