What to do to Prevent Dandruff in Winter

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                         What to do to prevent dandruff in winter


Dandruff causes the scalp to become dry and itchy a lot of the time. But winter means daily dandruff. When combing the hair, the comb or the clothes or the pillow is not free from dandruff. In addition to looking bad, the health of the hair is also disrupted.


Why is dandruff?

Dandruff is a normal process. The dead cells of the scalp fall off. These are dandruff. Dandruff is caused by low humidity in winter. In winter, due to moisture, the skin becomes dry, old skin rises and new skin begins to form. And we see these dead skin or cells as dandruff. The tendency to drink water in winter is greatly reduced. This can cause dandruff on the scalp. The amount of dandruff increases in winter as compared to other times. In addition, not only in winter, but also in the rainy season, dandruff is seen. Dandruff is caused by a fungal infection in monsoon. If the hair is not washed for several days and the scalp is sweaty, the risk of fungus increases. In addition, the use of inferior products loses the shine of the hair. The scalp loses its identity. Medical science also says that dandruff can be caused by a disease called seborrheic dermatitis.


What are the harms of dandruff, hair?

Dandruff is very harmful for hair. And because of these, various problems are created. Hair loss, itching on the scalp, excessive itching can lead to various issues such as nail scratch infection. Dandruff on the scalp is often accompanied by small bumps on the scalp and additional itching on the patient's scalp. Dandruff, like other diseases, can be inherited. Dandruff can regularly be caused by prolonged stress or excessive fatigue. Understanding the scalp, there are different types of dandruff. Acne mainly affects the scalp and causes severe itching. The ultimate consequence of these disturbances is hair loss or thinning hair.


What to do to prevent dandruff

Parlors recommend a variety of home packs to prevent dandruff. In addition, chemical products are used in professional beauty clinics to prevent dandruff. These chemical products are very effective in preventing dandruff. However, control of dandruff does not have to be just a clinical treatment. In addition, good quality anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner should be used. If necessary, hair anti-dandruff spa can be done on the advice of an expert.


Home remedies

To prevent dandruff, you need to drink plenty of water. As well as winter, fruit juice should be eating more and more. The scalp should be kept clean. If you need to shampoo every day, experts suggest doing so. And since hair tends to dry out at the end of the shampoo, conditioner or serum should be used. Homemade natural remedies will eliminate dandruff and leave the hair side effect freer than the current products on the market.


Take some neem leaf powder. Mix neem powder with olive oil and apply on the scalp. After an hour, wash with shampoo. Use it once a week. Will benefit.


Apply onion juice well on the scalp and massage. After a while, rinse with lukewarm water. This way you will get quick benefits by using it twice a week.


Mix five teaspoons of lemon juice and a little orange peel powder and blend well and apply on the scalp. Then leave it for half an hour and shampoo it. But it works great.

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