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                           Recruitment of staff for slapping


Ever heard of a company hiring staff just to slap! Never before had such a strange appointment been heard of. Although it seems unbelievable, the chief executive of a technology company has done so.

Manish Sethi, of Indian descent, is the CEO of a technology company. He wanted to get rid of his Facebook addiction and stay engrossed in work.

In 2012, he realized that spending extra time on Facebook was slowing down his work. Manish was looking for a way to get rid of this problem. In the end, he decided to hire staff to keep him away from Facebook. He did so.

Manish wrote on Facebook, ‘I hired a woman from Craigslist. Every time I use Facebook, you will slap me and make me aware. This will also increase the speed of work. And Facebook addiction will decrease.

Manish also said that he used to pay the woman 8 dollar an hour for slapping her. And as a result, within a few days, his work progressed at a rocket speed.

Recently, Manish revealed about his strange appointment on Facebook. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, is fascinated by his dedication to work and his efforts to prioritize work, not to allow Facebook to get too close.

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