Ice in skin care

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ice cube on face at night benefits

                                  Ice in skin care

There is no ice cream to remove excess oil from the skin, remove sunburn spots and keep the skin fresh. However, the use of ice made with ordinary water does not have these benefits. Some special ingredients have to be used to make this ice.

Aloe vera and basil

Aloe vera removes excess oil from the skin. As well as it helps to get rid of acne. Basil leaves, on the other hand, contain important anti-oxidants, which relax the skin. The combination of these two ingredients works well to remove sunburn spots. Paste a handful of basil leaves and two tablespoons of aloe vera gel in a mixture with a cup of water and place in an ice cube tray in the deep freezer. Use as needed.

Coffee ice

There is no comparison of coffee powder in the radiance of the skin. You can use ice cream made with coffee at night to get back the lost radiance of the skin in hot weather. Take a mug of hot water and stir it with two tablespoons of coffee powder. Then pour the ice cube into the tray and make ice.

Cucumber and lemon ice

Cucumbers and lemons, which are rich in vitamin C, both maintain water balance in the body and refresh the skin. Cucumbers and lemons, which are rich in anti-oxidants, also play an important role in cleansing and brightening the skin. Using these two ingredients together on the skin increases blood circulation. As well as working very well to remove acne, spots and redness of the skin.


Milk is very useful to retain moisture in the skin, reduce redness and remove dirt from the skin. Place the milk ice cubes in an ice cube tray. Massage this ice on the face from the outside back. Then wash your face after 15-20 minutes.

Rose water

Rose water works very well to retain moisture in the skin. Mix water and rose water in the ratio of 1: 1 and keep it on ice.

This ice can be massaged on the face to remove wrinkles. Use ice water made with rose water to bring freshness to lifeless skin.


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