Citrus fruit can Cure Body Odor

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                       Citrus fruit can Cure Body Odor?

We all know that body odor is a common problem of active people because they sweat too much even though they took a shower and wash their body every day. However, some people use deodorant or antiperspirants to get rid of it, but it’s only for prevention not to get stinky smell and feeling.


Using of deodorant or antiperspirants is harmful if not, keep away from children, poisonous if swallowed, it also darkens your underarm and could cause allergic reactions to our body because of its chemical ingredients, some of it contain ALUMINUM SALT to prevent your under arm from much sweating. PARABENS are used as preservatives. TRICLOSAN is used for reduction of contamination of bacteria. PHTHALATES, this used as plasticizer.


Offensive body odor is very shaming. Sometimes we didn't notice that we have stinky odor because we are used to it and that is a big problem. However, there are natural ways to get this body odor permanently by using Citrus Fruits. Citrus Fruits like lemon, oranges, pineapple, Calamondin etc. is very common it can be used to whiten our skin and also can be used to cure our stinky body odor permanently because it has antibacterial properties that kill bacteria in the infected area of our body.


How to do this, cut the lemon, and then rub it in your under arm after taking a bath and let it dry. Do that every day for one week, and then you will notice that your body odor is gone, and your underarm color gets whiter.





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