Which egg is more nutritious, white or brown?

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why are organic eggs brown

                Which egg is more nutritious, white or brown?

There are two types of eggs available in the market. White and brown. Many people think that you will buy an egg! It is said that the quality of brown eggs is higher. So many people buy light-brown eggs. But is this egg more nutritious at all?

Experts have researched whether there is any benefit in changing the color of the eggshell at all! Studies have shown that brown or reddish eggs contain slightly more omega-3s. But the amount of that extra omega-three is negligible. As a result, there is no point in eating brown eggs separately for you.

Research on nutrition says that both types of eggs have the same level of nutrition.

So the question is why are these two types of eggs differing? According to the research paper, it depends entirely on the genes of the chicken. As for the taste, the taste of either of the two eggs may be different. The color of the opening has nothing to do with it.

Eggs contain calories, protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B2, cyanocobalamin, phosphorus, magnesium, cholesterol, folate, sodium, calcium, zinc, choline, selenium and iron. Researchers say that the best egg folic acid in taste prevents spina bifida, a congenital disease of the baby during pregnancy.


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