France Fires 3,000 Wellbeing Laborers for Not Immunizing

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               France fires 3,000 wellbeing laborers for not immunizing


The government has fired 3,000 French health workers for not vaccinating for coronavirus. Last July, the government passed a law requiring health workers and firefighters to receive at least one dose of vaccine by September 15. These health workers were fired for disobeying the instructions.

This information was given in a report by the British media BBC.

Protests erupted outside a hospital in the southern French city of Nice over 450 health workers were fired, the report said. This has led to fears of disruption in health care in France. However, French Health Minister Olivier Vernon said that although health services at the hospital had been disrupted for several hours, all health services had been restored.

France's health minister says most health workers have been suspended. Many have now agreed to take the corona vaccine. Because they understand that corona vaccination is a reality. The law is mandatory for all physicians, nurses and volunteers involved in this work.

The French government passed a law last July mandating 2.7 million French health workers and firefighters to be vaccinated against coronavirus. In a statement, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said all health workers and firefighters should be vaccinated with at least one dose of the corona by September 15 this year. Otherwise, you have to quit your job. The law came into power on September 15. Even after this, the government decided to dismiss these health workers as they were not vaccinated.

Incidentally, the Corona vaccine initially raised suspicions among French citizens, but now about 90 percent of adults have received at least one dose of the vaccine. In addition, France has now started vaccinating people over the age of 12.

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