What to do if the taste and smell do not return after COVID-19

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      What to do if the taste and smell do not return after COVID-19

One of the symptoms of coronavirus infection is loss of taste and smell. Fortunately, after recovering from the deadly virus, it took a long time to recover. Although the body is mostly healthy, everything seems tasteless, just because there is no taste and smell.

Researchers say that coronaviruses attack the cells that help keep our sense of smell active. Because of this attack, the olfactory cells do not work as well as they used to. As a result, even if we smell something, that signal does not reach our brain. It is important to consult a doctor if the odor and taste do not return after recovering from the corona. Besides, the Indian media can follow some domestic ways published in The Times of India.

How to lose taste and smell?

Doctors say the odor can be reduced not only by coronavirus, but also by other respiratory infections. That feeling may return slowly after the infection has healed. After recovering from corona, it may take a week in some cases, a month with others, and more in some cases to regain the sense of taste and smell. Various information about how to get these two feelings back is circulating in the net world. Many people also say that sniffing something with a very strong smell can bring back the feeling of smell.

How many people come back to taste?

According to a survey published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, 95 percent of patients regain their sense of taste and smell after recovering from the corona. However, in that case it may take a week to a month. Those who have stronger immunity can get back to this feeling quickly.

The nutrients that help bring back the taste

Alpha-lipoic acid, vitamin A supplements and over-the-counter steroid sprays help to regain the lost taste and odor. Some breathing exercises can also be done at home to get the smell back. There are no side effects.

What can play back the taste and smell?

Adding some foods to the food list can make it easier to regain the sense of taste and smell. Those foods include broccoli, peas, potatoes, carrots, spinach, cabbage, etc. Alpha lipoic acid is found in such foods. Besides, you need to eat milk and yogurt to get vitamin A.

You can eat some more food

There are many foods in your home that you can easily try to bring back the sense of taste and smell. These include coffee, coconut, nutmeg, black pepper, vanilla, cloves, citrus fruits, etc.


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