5 kidneys In One Person's Body

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                   5 kidneys in one person's body

Usually, a person has two kidneys in his body. However, this person has five kidneys in his body, not two. But five kidneys in one human body.

The man from Chennai, India, has survived with five kidneys after undergoing three renal transplant surgeries.

The 41-year-old had been suffering from kidney complications for a long time, media reports said on Wednesday. At the age of 14 he had two kidney failures.

His first kidney transplant was performed in 1994. But when that kidney also failed, the doctors replaced his kidney again in 2005.

The man was healthy with that kidney for 12 years. But again its complications arise. The man had been undergoing regular dialysis for four years since then. But due to various physical complications, he needed a kidney transplant again.

But even there, doctors face a big challenge. Doctors said that due to the presence of four crippled kidneys in the body, they have to face problems with the place of the fifth kidney transplant. Moreover, it was difficult to connect the new kidney with the artery.

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