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Facebook privacy policy is being updated


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Facebook's privacy policy is being updated


Facebook is updating their privacy policy. It will be effective from July 26. Meta has started sending this notification since Thursday. Currently, Facebook users can see the privacy policy update message as soon as they log in to the account. The new notification is being sent to the users by the social communication platform Meter.


Meta said they have redesigned the privacy policy. This will make it easy for Facebook users to understand the policy. This is because the company has been under pressure from regulators in different countries to use customer information.


Meta supplementary that the changes to the policy update can now not enable them to gather, use or exchange user info in new ways in which. There'll be 2 changes to the manner user info is handled. The user can have a replacement setting to regulate UN agency will see the post and UN agency cannot. Additionally, there'll be new ways in which to manage the ads that users need to check.

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