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Computer Tips


If you want to rename a file, folder, etc. in a shortcut, right click and press F2 without clicking Rename.


Click ALT + F4 to close all programs at once. Then you don't have to close all of them manually.


If you accidentally close a tab while using the browser, press SHIFT + CTRL + T. You will see that the last tab has reopened.


You are too busy and need to minimize all the windows at once. Now it will take time to minimize all the windows one by one which may interfere with your work. In this case, pressing the Windows + D button on the computer keyboard together will minimize all the windows at once.


If you want to close the running tab in the browser, just press CTRL + W without clicking the Cancel button and the tab will be closed.


If you want to select a paragraph completely, click on the paragraph 3 times. You will see that it will be completely selected.

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