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Trouble with oily skin in hot weather ? Use Oatmeal Face pack

oatmeal face pack for oily skin

Trouble with oily skin in hot weather ? Use Oatmeal Face pack


Oatmeal is now very popular in the diet menu. No problem to make. Digestion is also good, and the stomach is full for a long time. Oatmeal is rich in fiber, iron, protein, vitamin B and many other nutrients. Nutritionists recommend Oatmeal in your diet for high blood pressure, cholesterol problems and heart disease.

Oatmeal is not only good for health, but also for skin care. Oatmeal is very good for those whose skin is oilier. Oatmeal absorbs excess oil from the skin. It is also used to remove blemishes. There is no pair of Oatmeal to restore the sheen of the skin. Acne mainly affects people with oily skin. This problem is exacerbated in the summer. Oatmeal contains zinc, which reduces skin inflammation. It also protects the skin from any kind of bacterial infection. Make a homemade face pack with Oatmeal to get rid of skin acne.


How to make?


In a bowl, make a thick mixture of two teaspoons of oatmeal, two teaspoons of lemon juice, one teaspoon of honey and the same amount of milk. Put this face pack on your face for 10 to 15 minutes. Whenever dry, clean up with tepid water. If you use this face pack regularly, your skin will stay moist from inside. The oily feeling of the skin can decrease. Get eliminate skin problems. This corrective is additionally terribly helpful in removing dead skin cells.

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