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How to record calls on WhatsApp


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How to record calls on WhatsApp


The call record option is now available in almost all smartphones. It is at present a broadly utilized and well known include. The call needs to be recorded at any time. Not everything can always be remembered. It is an advantage to have some words recorded.


But now you will get this facility along with a phone call as well as WhatsApp call. There is a simple method for recording WhatsApp calls. However, many phones do not have this feature, to use a third-party app. But the most secure Google app.


Those who do not have the facility of call record on their phone can use Google's phone app. Download from Play Store. Then go to settings from the above three 'dotted icons' and you will get the option of call record. Nonetheless, for this situation, keep the Android adaptation refreshed.


However, Google's call record facility is not available everywhere. So, your home or workplace should be where this service is available.


If you do not get the above benefits, you can use a third-party app, phone calls and WhatsApp calls will be recorded through the Cube ACR app. In this app, you can select the calls you want to record and the calls you don't want to record.


If you do not want to use any app again, you can put your phone on the speaker and record the call by turning on the voice record of another phone. However, in case of call record, you have to take permission of another person. Because if there is any official talk or anything, you know, it is better to let the other person know about the call record.

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