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This time Microsoft Samsung and Apple stopped selling products and services in Russia

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This time Microsoft, Samsung and Apple stopped selling products and services in Russia


Microsoft, the world's leading technology company based in the United States, has stopped selling goods and services in Russia in the wake of the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war. The company says it has decided to comply with sanctions imposed on Russia by its government. Earlier, several other top technology companies, including Apple and Dell, made similar decisions.


Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, said in a statement that his organization had been working against Russia's position since the war began. "We are providing cybersecurity assistance to Ukraine," Smith said. So far, we have worked to prevent Russian cyber-attacks on more than 20 government, technology and financial institutions in Ukraine.


Russia's state-run media Russia Today (RT) and a number of technology companies have taken steps to limit the activities of Sputnik. Microsoft has removed the latest RT mobile apps from the Windows App Store.


Earlier, Facebook, Google and YouTube blocked the revenue streams from their platforms for advertising in Russian state media. Cisco, Oracle, Netflix and Spotify have also suspended operations in Russia. On the other hand, Airbnb, an online company providing accommodation to tourists, has stopped all bookings in Russia and Belarus. At the same time, it has offered free accommodation to about 100,000 refugees fleeing Ukraine.


Smartphone maker Samsung has stopped shipping phones and products to Russia over the Ukraine issue. They will actively monitor this complex situation until further action.


In addition to suspending sales, Samsung has said it will support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. The company will donate 4.5 million, including voluntary donations from consumer electronics and stuff.


Sources: Bloomberg and BBC

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