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How to lock Facebook profile


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How to lock Facebook profile


Problems have to be acknowledged in various ways on social media. Anyone, especially strangers on Facebook, can visit your profile. Occasionally there is confusion over personal photos and posts.

Keep your Facebook profile locked for personal protection. If this feature is turned on, no one outside the friends list will be able to see any information on your profile. At first, this feature was introduced only with the protection of women in mind. However, over time, this feature has become more popular among men.

Many have locked it from Facebook. Again, some did not get such notification. Those who have not yet locked their profile will be able to do so easily. You can lock Facebook profile from both computer and mobile. Find out the way-

Most effective method to lock Facebook profile through versatile application -

First open the Facebook app.

Now tap on your profile.

Select the Three Dot menu next to the 'Add to Story' option.

Here you will see the 'Lock Profile' option. Tap on this option.

On the next page, Facebook will give a description of the poison of profile lock. Select the 'Lock Profile' option below.

Now select the 'You Locked Your Profile' option in the pop-up message. Now select 'OK'.


How to lock Facebook profile from a PC-

Open Facebook in browser.

Log in to your account.

Now click on profile.

Now click on the three dot menu to add stories and edit profile.

Now you will see the 'Lock Profile' option. Select this option.

You can find out how this feature works on the next page.

Below, you will see the 'Lock Your Profile' option. Click on this option

Now select 'OK' in the 'Lock Your Profile' pop up window.

There are many ways to protect your profile. On the one hand, such as a profile picture, cover picture, story and other information on the profile are protected, at the same time; the public posts of the profile are no longer public.

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