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The new iPhone 13 may have satellite facilities

iphone 13 release date

              The new iPhone may have satellite facilities

The new version of the iPhone (13) may have the benefit of satellite phone calls. Although many are saying, it is a Rumor. If the iPhone maintains its trend, then the new iPhone will be released in the next few days. Apple analyst Kuyo originally made this Rumor or prediction. Referring to Mac Rumor, he said that the new iPhone may have the advantage of making satellite calls.

Kuyo said the iPhone 13 could have low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite capabilities. Because the set has a customized Qualcomm X60 baseband chip. The LEO satellite has gained special recognition due to Elon Musk's Starlink internet service. This LEO is a relatively low orbiting satellite. These have been done to ensure high speed, uninterrupted internet service.

But it's not just Starlink that uses LEO. Hughesnet and OneWeb are also jointly running a global Five-G.

According to Verge, if the matter is rumored, then this X60 chip is to support any other element of Five-G. The chip has mixed technology. LEO Five-G has a technology that allows you to get Five-G speeds in all areas where there are no network towers or a simple Five-G network.


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